On Waiting…

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment.

I went in – told them my name and the time I was supposed to seen and then I sat down in the waiting room.

I usually would have played on my phone – checked facebook – played some Words with Friends – checked my email — something. I didn’t have my phone, I had left it at home. Two days in a row. (on accident… but that’s a different story.)

So.. I sat and waited. Bored. Somewhat fidgety. ‘What am I supposed to do while I wait – especially without my phone?!’

This guy and his son were sitting in front of me. His son was about 6 years old. The son had a kids magazine and was sitting pretty still and the Dad was playing on his phone.

All of the sudden the little boy put his magazine down and climbed up on the Dad and said ” Daddy – how much longer. It’s been foooreverrrr.”

The Dad replied “It’s not quite time yet,” As he glanced at his watch, “We are in a waiting room. Do you know why it’s called a waiting room?”

The little boy stopped for a second and said “why?”

“Because we have to wait.”

With this thought, the little boy turned back around and picked up his magazine again… only 2 minutes later to stammer: “Daddy it’s just taking so long!”

Then it was my turn.

That little moment in time made me think about some things:

I was like that little boy in the waiting room. (although, I don’t want to go to the dentist that bad, necessarily.)

“God, why are you taking so long?” 

and then God would say to me : “Wait. Right now, it’s time to wait.”

Just like the little boy couldn’t just go back to the dentist when he wanted…and the waiting room is boring and it seems to drag on 10x longer than normal time.  Things were working behind the scenes. On the other side of the door – the dentist and the assistants were working on other people and doing things to prepare his time with them.

Then, also like the little boy – I would be ok with that answer and I would wait, but no more than a few minutes and here I am again. “ Where are you God? What’s going on? Is it time yet??”

Sometimes, It also seems that people will get the things you have been wanting first. They will get the job, the husband, the money, the security, the babies, the dream home, could be whatever it is you are waiting on.

Even though, the little boy and his Dad were there first, it was my turn to go back before them. I can imagine the little boy – turning to Daddy again and saying “When will it be our turn to go?”

After it was all said and done and I was leaving I saw the little boy and his Dad talking to the dentist. They made it. They were always going to – it was already booked and they were just finishing up the things in the back before they could bring him in for his turn.

I know this was a bad analogy – but I still felt the same as that little boy. All the time… wondering — what’s next?

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;  ~ Psalm 37:7


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