This is how you can love yourself

**Inspired by this and this.


You can love yourself by doing the things you like to do read. sew. paint. draw. cook. take pictures. create. decorate. wear dresses because you want to. thrift. work out.get a bike and ride it.Do these things more – do it well. Don’t do it for anyone else do it for you. Because you like it. Don’t sleep in when you can,get up and go do things. Quit making excuses and do it before it’s too late. Get a new laptop — so you can blog more and take pictures. Yours sucks, and you know it. Stop complaining and DO something about it. Doesn’t have to be great and expensive but it needs to hold a charge at least. Get a bike – you have been saying for a year you want one and yet, you don’t get one. Get it and go ride already. Take care of your body and eat right and go to the gym (you pay for it – use it) Find a job you love – not one that pays the bills. You can have both. You have a degree. You didn’t go to school for nothing. Put it to use and be proud of it! Not everyone your age has a degree and you should be proud about it and you should be using it. Again, quit making excuses – do something! There aren’t jobs in your field – ok. KEEP looking — (no one ever gets anywhere by giving up.) There will be openings or find one closer to your field. Use your camera – ok, so it’s harder than you thought, so learn it!

This is how you can love your love yourself…by not worrying about others. Do what you want to do. Stop wasting time, energy and emotions on silly boys (save them for the one who will matter. ❤ ) and love yourself first, because God loves you and he has someone who will be better than them.  If they end up being jerks, you don’t need to keep them around, you don’t have to be their friend. If it hurts too much you can leave, and you don’t have to feel guilty, besides if they cared enough to begin with they wouldn’t hurt you. Also, learn that forgiveness is ok, but being a doormat is not. You don’t need to regret the past – embrace it and learn from it.  If you want to travel – then do it. It’s ok to be scared about things, and questions things, but you can always ask God to guide you – you know He will. Quit believing the lies being told you and believe what you know to be true.

Love yourself and do it because you know you are worth it. 🙂

  • How can you love yourself?

Also — just for fun – how cute is this song…


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