Dear You,

Dear You, – Thank you for taking the time to invest me in me and care for me. You are always honest with me even if I don’t want to hear it. You tell me what I need to hear not what I want to hear. I wish you around more often. I think of you all the time. You are so inspiring to me. Things that you have told me still stick with me years later. You have been so wise in your counsel – I see it now. I am so glad you took a chance on me.

Dear You, – I am so glad that you get to help me. Things that I have bothered me forever you help make me realize things. I feel like you were brought to me. I feel like you really care. I like that.  It hasn’t been that long, but you have helped me tremendously. The little presents you always pick up for me – make me happy. That doesn’t happen to me very often. Thank you! Someday I wish I could repay you 10 fold.

Dear You,  – I am so glad we are friends. I miss you all the time, but I think back on all of our crazy adventures and they make me smile. 🙂 Many more to come hopefully.

Dear You, – I think you are wonderful! I like getting the chance to get to know you. I see so much of my young self in you. I hope I can be a mentor to you, even if it’s never “official”

Dear You, – We haven’t talked in years, but I think of you sometimes and wonder how you are doing? ( I mean you were my first kiss and all…) If you are the same kind of person I knew so long ago. I have high hopes for you. You, honestly, were one of the kindest guys I ever knew. I didn’t realize how rare it was to find someone like you.

Dear You, – I am so glad we continued our friendship after working together – many more years to come I hope. 🙂

Dear You, I love/hate you – still. We don’t talk anymore. Which is a good thing. I was blinded by you and your manipulating ways for years and I have just recently came to terms with things. Mixed emotions all over the place regarding you. Do I regret things? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I don’t necessarily think you are a bad person, just a person with some issues. I still care for you and probably always will – but I am glad that phase of life is over and I can’t wait for new things begin.

Dear You, – You were very mean and not nice to me. I am sorry that I let myself endure that for as long as I did. I wish you well, but I am really glad that’s over. It made me a stronger person and for that I thank you.

Dear You, – I had a crush on you for a long time. The problem is, I didn’t realize it until way later and then missed my chance. Just wanted to put it out there.

Dear You, – You were the BEST teacher ever and I will never forget it. Thank you for caring.

Dear You, – I liked you and I tried but it didn’t work. I can’t make you feel what you don’t. I wish we could be friends, but I don’t think that’s going to work anymore. I wish you the best! : ]

Dear You, – I am so glad you are my friend! It’s been a crazy time but you always stay and listen to me (usually) without judgement. I appreciate that. Sometimes I wish we could date for real but then I realize that our friendship is really good and things would be complicated. I like how you don’t push things upon me or put any pressure there. It just is. Your honesty is admiral.

Dear You, – I love you and sweet little self. You are the funniest little person I have ever met. ❤ Please stay sweet/kind and do good. I am glad that I still get to see you. I have high hopes for your life.

Dear You, – I miss you all time. x2

Dear You, – You are the biggest jerk I ever met. Thank goodness things didn’t turn out the way they could have.

 Dear You, – I really enjoy talking to you. I look forward to it. I feel like you can relate to me and I see you as someone who has been where I am at. Your talks and your advice help me more than you know.

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