What I Learned This Week:

1.) Too much coffee is a bad thing.

2.) Having an opinion that differs from someone else is ok.

3.) I have too many clothes… but I still want a pair of these:


4.) I still don’t have enough shoes though…le sigh — what to do?

5.) When my friend comes to town I spend too much money? Why?!?! My bank account hates me…

6.) Guys at Starbucks like to give advice about house hunting…

7.) New laptops are awesome!

8.) Bad brake lights will get you a warning. That’s not cool.

9.) I miss my friend. I need her closer. Texas can kiss it – I want you back. 😦 Yes. Cristi Dee I am talking to you.

10.)  I should have went with a small dress  – not a medium.

11.) Four year olds are soo funny!

12.) Having a co-worker your age in the office who went to the same college as you – changes things! (Makes it a little more bearable.) I can relate to someone again.

13.) Putting laundry up can wait….but not forever – it will eventually take on its own mind and overtake you. one square foot of your room at a time.

14.) I am excited for my brother to be back in the USA and out of Afghanistan. Can’t wait to see him next week. (see this post here about when he left.)

15.) Guys are still dumb.

16.) If it’s windy wear pants not a dress. Don’t be an idiot.

17.) I love this song by Adele:

3 thoughts on “What I Learned This Week:

  1. I see you learned a lot of things this week, but #1 lost me… Perhaps you are drinking the wrong kind of coffee; choose fresh ground organic, Latin American coffee beans and you can drink it instead of water…. true story!

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