What if…

Yesterday, I heard on the radio that the lottery jackpot is up to $1.7 Million. Let me say that again… $1.7 Million people!

I really wanted to go buy a ticket right then and there. I mean they were only a $1.00 a ticket and I thought why not? I was in a hurry though and didn’t the chance to. Maybe next time..

This made me think, what if… What if I won the lottery? What would I do? This is just an idea of what I would do:

After checking the ticket a 1000 times I would probably go into cardiac arrest but after I was resuscitated. (hopefully…) then I would go cash that baby in:

then I would  –

  • Pay off my student loans.
  • Put some in savings and 401K (of course.)
  • Give some to my family.
  • I would tithe on it. – My church would be one happy church let me tell you.
  • I would find a cause I believed in and give to it.
  • Buy a new car. What kind you ask? No idea! I thought about it yesterday and I don’t know. A nice one.
  • I would quit my job – for sure! No questions. I would work but definitely a different kind of job. More of like a freelance/entrepreneur type job.
  • Travel. Because I have always wanted to, and have never had the money to do so or time, because I have to work to make money to pay the bills.
  • Maybe buy a house or two. A home somewhere and then a vacation house on the beach you know.
  • I would buy a lot of clothes. Not going to lie – I am talking MAJOR shopping spree.
  • Maybe I would go to school again. I mean I really actually like going to school.. so once I finished traveling and all that, I would probably go back and get another BS or BA degree or get my Master’s.


I don’t even know. This is just what I think I would do!

3 thoughts on “What if…

  1. If I ever won the Lottery – and that might be tricky, as I very rarely buy a ticket – I’d panic. The first thing I’d buy with the win would be blackout curtains, as I’d have to spend a fair few hours in a dark room clutching the winning ticket, gibbering to myself. and generally trying to bring my panic under control.

    Once I had it under control, I’d be very boring and practical. I’d decide on a sum that could realistically ensure me financial security, even if I lived to be 110, and put it in the bank. And I’d leave it alone. That way, if I managed to blow the rest of the winnings, I’d have something to fall back on. Then I’d pay off my mortgage. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to afford a mortgage, there are plenty of others my age who can’t, but no kind of debt is much fun and, if I had the option, I’d pay it off tomorrow.

    My extravagances would be travelling and gaming. I’m not interested in five star hotels or luxury cruises, but it would be nice to be able to just chuck a few things into a bag and go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And it would be nice to not have to wait for games to come down in price as well. And I’d love to be able to buy the PS4 on release, no matter what kind of king’s ransom they demand for it.

    But I’m not interested in private jets or yachts or jewel-encrusted toilets or anything like that. They don’t much appeal to me now, so there’s no reason why they should appeal to me after a Lottery win.

    • I think I would panic too! I would have to claim it anonymously. Have you thought about what kind of people would come out of woodwork trying to harass you for some money? That alone scares. I feel like I would maybe just mysteriously disappear you know?
      Isn’t it fun to think about!
      Then you wonder…’I SAY I would be practical…but whould I really?’ haha.

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