Worst Date Ever

I thought it would be fun to share my worst date ever story… I feel like it’s pretty funny. (Names will be changed to protect the innocent. Just in case they find this.)

To start off me and my married friends – Jennifer and Tom are a restaurant bar hanging out eating and talking. The bartender Kyle and my friend Tom are getting along great. They are becoming best friends!

A little later – when we are about to leave Kyle says to Jennifer and Tom -“Are you two married?” and they were like “yeah.” He then looks at me and asks, “Are you single.” Hesitantly, I said, ” Yeah…”  Next question was “Do you want to be?” I was a little taken off guard. I mean – of course someday I would like to be with someone, but I don’t know about with you…now…I think I just shrugged or something. This part is a little blurry but I remember Tom giving me a hard time, telling me that I should go for it and that he was a cool guy! So, I gave him my number on a napkin when we left.

A couple of days later we had a date planned, since I didn’t know him, I insisted that we do a double date with Jennifer and Tom and he agreed. All the days leading up to the date he would try and make it more of a one-on-one date. We settled in the middle with dinner alone and then a meet up with Jennifer and Tom later for bowling.

He picked me up. (1st mistake.) we went to a Mexican restaurant – ate and talked, I will admit, it wasn’t too terrible here.

We get back in the car to go meet Jennifer and Tom and he starts rubbing my leg while he is driving. He must have noticed I was uncomfortable, becausee he said, “You don’t like people touching you?” I replied, “Not from people I don’t know very well.” trying to move as far away as possible in a car. Then he said “You don’t like me touching you now, but you will someday.” (creeper.)

We get to the bowling alley and start our bowling game. Everybody is having fun and I am really happy my friends are there to take a little of awkwardness away. This was glow bowl, which means they had the lights off and videos playing and really loud music. Not the greatest place to have a conversation. He came up to me during one of our breaks and was mad at me and said that I wasn’t paying enough attention to him and I was talking to Jennifer too much. – ‘Oh! I wasn’t aware I needed to give you all my time – already, and you were talking to Tom so I didn’t realize it was a big deal. Whatever.’

Then, he starts losing and literally throwing the biggest grown-up fit I have ever seen. Even Jennifer and Tom think he is acting a little ridiculous. He doesn’t like to lose apparently.

After bowling, Jennifer and Tom suggest to go hang out at this bar we used to go to a lot back in the day. So we all go…Kyle and I have this really intense conversation there about kids, and marriage and he kept telling me that he liked me and wanted to hurry up and get married (he didn’t really say to me..but still) and wanted to hurry up and have kids. ‘woah! This is our first date!’

Luckily, my roommates at the time happened to also be there, so I slyly told Kyle not to bother taking me home because I would just catch a ride with them and as mean as this sounds, I kind of ditched him. I just couldn’t take anymore!

It gets better though.

A few days later. Jennifer and Tom and some other friends go to a restaurant where our friend James was a waiter. I get a call from one of my best friends Kathy. She said “Hey, what was the name of that guy that you went out with last weekend.” “Why?” I asked – She went on, “It’s Kyle whateverhislastnamewas right?” I said, “How did you know that?” I hadn’t told her that part. Somehow Kathy was talking to her coworker who happened to just be Kyle’s sister and Kathy found out that Kyle was gay or used to be gay or was bi or something…and so she called me.

After I talk to Kathy. I tell Jennifer and Tom what she had told me and James, our waiter friend, heard me and was like – “Oh yeah! Kyle the bartender from the restaurant from across the street? Yeah, he has/had a boyfriend they used to come in here all the time together.”

What?! Really?! I had to know for myself… so I texted him. I said ‘Do you or have you had a boyfriend?” His text reply ‘ I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t have a girlfriend, I really l like you.’

I was already not feeling him but that just made me feel super weird. I don’t really remember what happened. I either A. ignored him after that or B. told him that it wasn’t going to work, but I didn’t go on any more dates with him after that.

Have you ever had any really strange dates?

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