Family and Consumer Sciences…What?

In college I couldn’t decide on a major. I started just doing basics – when I ran out of those classes I was forced to pick something. I knew I wanted something fun and different but what?

I started in Family Life Sciences – I thought maybe I would be some kind of counselor working with families. When I realized that they must have at least Master’s if not higher degrees plus at least a two-year internship with little pay in the long run I changed my mind. If I HAD to go to school that long (even though I  really like school.) I wasn’t going to do it for that pay and that kind of stress. I even had my old boss talk me out of it. He said he was a family counselor and it’s completely stressful and very emotionally draining. I could have also been a social worker with degree – but, it was the same. No pay for a VERY stressful and emotionally changeling job. I just couldn’t do it.

So– I changed majors to 2D painting. I didn’t know what I would actually do with it, but it was really fun. It was strange how people would respond to me when I would tell them what I was doing.. “Oh! that’s fun! That’s super cool!” to “Ohhhh.. that’s interesting. What are you going to do with that?” Since I couldn’t justify it other than than I liked it, i decided I really probably should pick something a little more lucrative. (sometimes, I do wish I would have stuck with it though.)

After one semester, I changed again to business per my father’s advice. BORING. I absolutely hated it. The classes were sooo blah, and I couldn’t get into it.

So then I it came time to enroll again and it was decision time. If I ever wanted to graduate. I would have to pick a major and stick with it stat! So I thought, what do I like to do and what am I good at.

  • I really like working with children. (I was working at child development center.)
  • I like art. I like being creative
  • I like really prefer more of human development classes as opposed to business.
  • I want something that will take a lot of the classes I already have so I am not starting from scratch.

Then I found it! I was looking through the school book of majors and I found Family Consumer Science Education. AKA: Home Ec. Teacher!

Perfect! Child development, Interior Design, Clothing Construction, Food Science, Adolescent Physc, Ed Physc, Marriage and family classes, and it used some of my economics classes that I had taken when I was business. SCORE!

I felt like was home. I LOVED it. Why?! Did I think of teaching before! It’s not the stereotypical thing everyone things of…


It’s not necessarily how to be a housewife. (Which there is nothing wrong with that at all.) It’s life skills – really everyone needs. Even guys can benefit from it.

I loved the classes… I made straight A’s pretty much the rest of my college career, because I loved it and it was interesting. oh – don’t think it was easy!! Which makes me mad when people think that. It was more complicated than it seems. I promise. Ask ANY interior design major. Most drop out of the program. It’s soooo grueling and time consumer and detailed orientated that you want to go crazy by the time you finish your projects. Also, nutrition was hard to me. A TON of chemistry like material.

Sure teaching doesn’t pay that much… but it pays enough and a bonus : Home Ec teaches get extra money for running their state programs. FCCLA.

Now, you ask? How did that major turn out for you? You know, in the adult life? — well… sadly, not that well. (so far! I STILL have high hopes.) Turns out that since I am so specified in my field and with the economy and the budget cuts and all the laws surrounding education now, I haven’t found my Home Ec Teaching job yet. 2 years and counting… I have been close – but then it’s, “well we decided to hire from within.” (which they still have to interview outside applicants.) or “we actually have to cut the program this year due to funds.”)

It’s super frustrating. I found something I LOVED and wanted to do and was told by all my professors, “Education is the way to go! Healthcare and education NEVER have cuts.” Oh…really?

Unless you are Family Consumer Science – because they don’t care. It’s all about the core classes… math, reading, science, and English. Which are important don’t get me wrong, BUT so is Art/music, and P.E. and Home Ec.

Now… I am going to step on my soap box real quick: How can you say Home Ec is NOT important? Just look at our country as a whole and tell me we don’t need it!

  • Teen pregnancies (16 and Pregnant… Thank you MTV. need I say more. Disgust me!) – Maybe if they were taught what’s it’s really like and oh, how it happens. You would be surprised at all their misconceptions.
  • The obesity rate of our country: because we live in a time where easiness  overtrumps health we are all fat, or getting there. If we don’t stop and tell our kids that Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC, etc are NOT the major food groups, If they don’t learn how to HONESTLY tell for themselves what is healthy and what to avoid, if they don’t know what they putting in their bodies, then it’s no ones fault but own. (don’t get me wrong, I eat at those places too, but at least I am aware of what I am doing.)
  • Marriage and divorce: 50% divorce rate. Why? Because we don’t know what we are doing. People get married and don’t think that it’s not just a wedding. It’s communication, and hard work. You aren’t just marring your spouse either, you are marrying their family as well… don’t get along with his mother now – wait till you are married, it won’t be any better. We don’t teach kids how to talk to one another and it’s only in my opinion, getting worse as texting etc, gets bigger. We don’t know how to sit down and get real, face to face, and work things out. We repeat the patterns we saw growing up and don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • Debt: Look at our country in whole and then look at most people you know. Swallowed by debt. Why? Because they don’t know how to budget their checkbooks or checking accounts. They don’t know about interest rates, credit scores, or loans. They think – free money. Or I’ll pay it back later.. then when they are hit with 21% interest on clothing or coffee or stupid things that should NOT cost that much they can’t get out. If they were taught how to make good choices we could fix it or actually keep them from getting in trouble. Seniors and HS and Freshman in college are targeted by credit companies most because they KNOW that they will be the ones to give in the most because they are about to venture out on their own and they are the most gullible. Let’s teach them BEFORE they are harassed so they know how to make good choices. Credit cards aren’t necessarily evil, and yes I have some, but they don’t get me in trouble.

Now… tell me again we shouldn’t have Home Ec Teachers and it’s pointless?

Wow… sorry for the longest post ever, I just get SO mad and irritated and then frustrated because I can’t find a teaching job on top of it.

What do you think?

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