Interesting Things Lately – Here and There

–  Viral: Oklahoma Lady talks about fire and bronchitis. haha.

 Six things to know about wearing  color.

– I live alone and I don’t have a problem. Is this true?

These are some pretty cool houses.

DIY Instagram Scrapbook.

– My Friend Cristi would LOVE this owl etsy shop.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Things Lately – Here and There

  1. Living alone does not make you depressed. It said between the ages of 30-65. When you’re 30 you’re all “O I was supposed to here or I was supposed to be this or that” Living alone when I was in my 20’s was my favorite time of life. Yes, I had to grow up and move on, but cherish living alone while you’re doing it. One day you’ll miss coming home and taking your bra off and going to the bathroom without someone constantly needing your attention. It’ll happen, so just live it up while you can. 🙂

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