Book Review: Helen Keller in Love

So I usually do book reviews after I read a book but this is slightly different…

I was skimming through a May 2012 copy of Good Housekeeping. The Dr. I work with had it sent to her in the mail, and didn’t want it but before I got rid of it I thought I would take a look and I am glad I did!

They had an excerpt from a book called Helen in Love by Rosie Sultan.  You know Helen Keller…I started reading it and couldn’t stop. It was so interesting!

(picture: via)

This is one of those books where it tells you the untold parts of their lives. The parts that no one thinks about. Helen’s one love affair. (This book reminds me so much of Loving Frank – Frank Lloyd Wright’s love affair. Also a super good book.)

Is he handsome?” I asked nervously. “All I can say is, thank God you’re blind.” Annie spelled.

It’s one of those – we know it happened but we don’t have many details so we tell you how we think it happened. Which is fine to me… I just keep that in mind the whole time I read it, this is what the author thinks happened… may not be the exact way it happened or those might not be the thoughts Helen had but non-the-less it’s still good to me.

The truth is, that I was never unknown, often lonely. I am yours, I wanted to say to Peter.

So… now, off to  the library to  pick up a copy so I can finish… 5 pages worth is not enough.

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