Coffee Shop Love

I know I have been showing so many music videos lately. I promise to do something different soon but first I have to share this:

Let me tell you all the reasons that I personally LOVE this:

1.) the way he wears his tie on day 1.

2.) her different colored nail polish.

3.) her hair on day #2…with the fabric tie. [love]

4.) stop watch idea.

5.) the lyrics to this song.

6.) the coffee shop they are in… just so cozy and very trendy.

7.) their word-play banter

8.) coffee dates are cute.

9.) the giant chalkboard wall on day #2.

10.) her mustard yellow shoes on day #3

Is that enough reasons yet??

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

z154302498-1.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04

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