Current Favorite TV Shows

So.. I don’t have cable. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. I rarely watch TV and the shows I like the most I can get free/cheap on Netflix and Hulu, and I don’t have to be forced to watch mostly crap reality TV. Anybody else with me on this?

Here are my top tv shows I am currently watching as of now:

The Office – I like it. Even though Michael left I still like it! I will be sad when this show cancels. I can’t even pick a favorite character. (As you will see, if I really like the show – I really love all the characters. To me that’s what makes the show good.)

The New Girl – Love, love, love this!! So funny! I feel like constantly laughing. Zooey is so cute, plus my idol. Does anyone else desperatly wish that Nick and Jess would finally end up together already?

Parks and Recreation – Another show that I didn’t think I would like… watched one episode and now I am hooked. Every character is just so good and so funny. 🙂  Ben is a cutie by the way (and Chris is too.)

Modern Family – Makes everyone’s families seem normal. Claire and Phil are the BEST couple. I just can’t get enough of it.

The Wonder Years – This is so old school but I don’t care! My other shows are off-season now and I wanted something else to watch I wait… and I remembered how I used to LOVE this show. So now I am watching it in order. As an adult I can appreciate the humor in it better now. I just think Kevin is such a cute kid, and he is funny.  Also, when I watch this show I can’t help but wish that I was a teenager in the 60’s!

What are your favorite TV shows?

3 thoughts on “Current Favorite TV Shows

  1. I just rewatched my DVR’d episodes of New Girl this weekend and laughed until I cried. You should NetFlix Community. It’s weird, but awesome weird. Cougar Town, too.

    • Isn’t the New Girl hilarious!! I am pretty sad they just went off season. 😦 I have seen a couple of those episodes…maybe I can replace them since a lot of my shows are currently off season right now!

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