I Feel so Soulful Today and a Small Rant

Doesn’t this song just make you feel so…happy? It does me!

I feel like I am on the verge of something exctiting…but I am not sure yet what exactly!

On to another note….this makes me so angry!!!

“We are setting up that cycle of poverty for him and his family,” Dr. Janet Dunlop said, the Chief Academic Officer for the Broken Arrow school district.

She is talking about one student who did not pass the ACE tests that are required to get a diploma.

Dunlop said it’s because his family’s house caught fire and he was homeless while supporting a disabled mother and autistic brother.

“That’s a lot of weight to put on one child and meet these ACE requirements,” she said. “He has worked so hard and has passed all but one test.”

I have mixed feelings about this, yes students need to be held responsible but you are really going to base how much they learned in 13 years to  test! How about actually, taking care of the situation as it goes, when they are in 6th grade and can’t pass English. Instead we pass them through classes just because of “No Child Left Behind” – then we don’t let them graduate when they are Seniors because they can’t pass the test. Does this make sense to anyone? Or is just me!

I  have seen Juniors and Seniors who can’t read and write but somehow they got through, do I think they will pass this ridiculous test? Probably not, then what? – tell them… ” I am sorry, you didn’t pass the test, you can’t graduate now… repeat or drop out. Those are your options.”  Who’s fault is it anyways?? The teachers who passed them in elementary school, middle school and in high school for fear of not getting your numbers up! For the fear that your school will be on the dreaded “list” and you will lose your job.

It’s such a double-standard and makes me righteously angry.

Sometimes I actually want a  teaching job (that’s my degree) but then I get so angry at the public school system that I can’t even…

Sorry… this post wasn’t really supposed to go that way, I just wanted to voice my opinion on this!



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