Update on Dating: Part III

Do you remember this post or this one??

Well…these seem to be my most popular post. Why? Beats me… maybe people find humor in my sad life. Haha… kidding! I have a great life actually. I just kind of suck at dating.

I still believe in what I said in my first post and still believe that this is the way to do it, it’s just a lot harder than it seemed to be.  It somewhat overwhelmed me and I felt like I wasn’t really getting to know anyone. So, I narrowed it down and decided to NOT add anymore… well then now, I am kind of at a standstill.

I think now at this moment, I am going to take a small break, just for a while and then maybe I will try again soon.

I will promise you this though, if I ever do get married and something were to happen where I have to date again, I will not do. I actually loathe it…. Not tying to be negative, but it’s.just.so.hard. Maybe I am making it harder than it needs to be I don’t know.

Who knows… we will just see what happens!


One thought on “Update on Dating: Part III

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