Dear Chris,

I love you.

Maybe that was a little strong. I am sorry.

It’s just when I see you with your guitar that you say came from Keith Whitley, and then I hear you sing with your too-sexy-voice, I can’t help it.

Then, as I am looking through more Youtube videos I came across this other cover you did and I swear my heart went pitter-patter and wow…I just fell a little more.

I also heard you were once on one of those singing shows. I am sorry, I didn’t watch it. I didn’t know you then. (I hate those shows anyways.) I had never heard your amazing voice, BUT as soon as I heard you on the radio… I knew it!  I just knew…you know?


Could we just like -get married right now…please? I promise I would be a good wife.


One thought on “Dear Chris,

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