What’s Been Going On?

I have been so busy lately.

This last weekend I was out-of-town camping with some friends. I meant to get pictures and that just didn’t happen.. Sometimes that’s ok though, it means you are having fun!!

Then my car broke down. 😦

Basically my brain has been thinking about pretty much nothing but cars. I even have been dreaming about cars in my sleep!

Is that a good car, or this a good car? What is a good price for that car? What can I sell my car for? Should I trade or sell private? Too many miles? Too old? Too new?

Occasionally, thoughts of I really should be packing soon, for I am moving across the city in about two weeks pop up but then I quickly push them back down and say not yet. Worry about that later!

Hopefully, I will find somethings soon and return to normal life.

My favorite so far has been the Toyota Yaris:


Compact. Affordable. Should hold it’s value. 40 miles to the gallon.

Anybody out there have any suggestions/advice on cars??

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