Happy Birthday to My Blog!!

You are one year old! 🙂


I have sometimes neglected you and not always gave you the attention you deserve.. I am going to try to be better. I promise. I know, I know, I have said this before…but it’s true this time! I swear!

To celebrate this very special occasion let’s reminisce and look back at some of the best post over the year shall we…

  1.  There was my very first post with my goals for the new year, since I had just celebrated a birthday in October right before. I actually have accomplished 14 out of 26 goals… go me!! 🙂
  2. In December of 2011 I wrote a sentimental letter to my younger self.
  3. January, I talked about New Years resolutions
  4. In February, I wrote several decent blog post, on waiting for things that are taking to long to come, and little anonymous letters to others.
  5. Next  up was what I would do if I won the lottery, My first dating post, a story about the worst date ever, and letter to hometown about President Obama’s visit and how I became a Home Ec Major. March was a busy month for you!
  6. I talked about creativity,  Saw a movie that really made me think about “the one,”
  7. Got sentimental over my Grandparents, and defended my home state.
  8. In June I confessed my love to Chris Young,  and came across a very inspiring story.
  9. I got a new car in July.
  10. Moved , road tripped to Dallas and decided to announce my exclusive relationship.
  11. Then pretty much took  a break until now!

Wow! What a year little blog… I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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