Guest Blogger: My Life as Mrs. Squish

Today you are in for a treat. I am going to introduce you to a lady friend of mine that I used to work with. Technically, we still work at the same place but she was a trader and left my department. (kidding, kidding.” About the being a trader part.”) Kari taught me my job, and always had the funniest stories to tell. Anyways, she has a husband, a cute pug and one of the world’s cutest little girls.  So, without further ado here is Kari:


Well hello there kittens.  I’m Kari and I blog over at My Life as Mrs. Squish.  I started writing when I got knocked up because I thought it was the thing to do.  But I decided that I actually like it…although I don’t post every day.  Why should you stop by?  To see the World’s Cutest Toddler, of course.  I write about my life and what it’s like living with my little She Hulk and husband and The World’s Worst Pug.


I like to pretend I’m a fancy photographer when really I’m a secretary at a university medical center.  I become obsessed with random things easily.  Last year I became fixated on Harry Potter, Big Love and different religions.  I’m watching Dr. Who on Netflix right now.  So far, and I know this is blasphemy to some, but I’m not digging it.  I like to ask my facebook friends for movie and book suggestions then delete those who recommend Twilight.  I’m a movie snob.  I also like to talk like a 16 year old girl sometimes.

I use my blog to hold me responsible.  I like to say I’m going to do things then not do them.  I noticed if I wrote them on the old bloggity blog I’d have to do it.  That’s where I famously hashtagged dreamboard.  Yeah, that was me.  You’re welcome.

So that’s me and my blog.  Thanks for having me Amanda!


What did you guys think?  She is super funny right?? If you want to see more, learn about the pink reindeer Eva wanted for Christmas and how that turned out, or tour their new house…. visit her blog here. If you are interested in being a guest blogger on my blog contact me!


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