2013 Reading Challenge

I really like to read but sometimes I have trouble trying to find books to read. It’s kind of a weird problem because before I got my Kindle I used to go to the library a lot and now I have my Kindle but I still get stuck in ruts.

That was until I discovered Goodreads.com. I made a profile. Picked the genres I like, (which is really almost all genes) then it gave me a list of books in each genre. I would rate it if I had read it and if not and it looked interesting then I can add to my reading list, to read later. As I rate and add books to read it starts to get an idea of what I like and gets a little more personable on my list. I used to make handwritten “to read” lists and then I would lose them and forget what I wanted to read. This way they are always there.

Then I saw this:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Amanda has
read 0 books toward her goal of 50 books.


I am pretty sure I will  no problem reading 50 books in a year.  I can read 2-3 every two weeks. Sometimes, if it’s really good, I can read them in a day or two. One summer when I was in grade school,  I read 325 books in summer. I won the reading plague that year for the reading program. (Nerd Alert!!)- granted they were children’s books, but still that’s a lot of books!

So I am going to post my progress on the side bar over there ->

Also, I will post my list of what I have read and my ratings… check it out and so far I don’t have any friends on this thing because I just joined. So, if you have a goodreads account I would love to be your friend and see what you are reading!! If you want to do the challenge with me, let me know!