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Friday Review:

This weekend was fun!

My Dad is a photographer, and had a picture in an art show down in the Paseo District, so Richard and I went on a little mini date. It was a lot of fun! I busted out my camera and actually took some decent pictures.









Then after, we were finished we met my Mom and Stepdad to play a new game that Richard and I really like to play.





Overall it was a fun Friday!


P.S. Please don’t judge my photos too harshly, I am also still learning about my camera and working on my photography skills.

It’s Back…

I have that creative itch again.

The one where I want to just make stuff and do creative things!!

Have you seen this website?

I am in love with this idea…(also in love with the creator. *sigh* Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Anyways…they do these themes and right now the theme is Childhood. (See video)

Now…what could I do that was creative and had to do with Childhood??

This is where I wish I had a kid, like he said. Haha… I used to do really cool art projects with the kids at the daycare.. they weren’t my kids though, so I can’t use them.

Hmmm…I am going to think and then I am going to create. This time I am going to do it!! : )

Maybe Joseph will notice my work! Maybe…one can hope.

If You Were to Ask Me How I Feel Right Now:

I need to do something creative. I need to use my brain to make things and think about things outside the box. I need a job and life more suited for me.

If only I had more money…if only I had the courage to leave Oklahoma (nothing too exciting happens here, and everything I would like to do, needs a different kind of market)…if only I had the courage  just do it.

This might sound weird but this is the best way I can explain it: Some days I feel trapped. Like my mind races with creativity and really cool ideas but I can’t get it out.I don’t have enough paper for my doodles and thoughts and sometimes those thoughts need more than just to be jotted down on my 8 1/2 x 14  legal pad… and then my mind goes numb by sitting in cubicle answering phone calls and just being here.trapped. I am right-brained person in sea of left-brained people. That’s not even a joke or lie – just a fact…and there is nothing wrong with left-brained people, that’s just not me. (When people I work with see my cubicle for the first time they usually ask me if I am an artist or something?? Maybe that might help explain things.)

I want to just run away and go somewhere cooler, where people would be like me and understand me and help me express myself better… I do LOVE my city, but sometimes I feel like it’s not for me?

Sometimes,  I get the scariest thought of my life, what if this is it? What if this is my life? That thought sends panic up and down my spine through every cell of my body. This can’t be it! No! I won’t let it… Don’t get me wrong, I am very, very happy and grateful to have a job. I do love my co-workers, and it pays my bills and gets me through the month, every month, it’s just a feeling I have sometimes. I am sure most people can relate to, or maybe it’s just me.

I should have stayed an art major in school and I should have just went with it, but then again, who says you have to have the degree in art (or quit your day job) to be an artist????

 [end rant]

Thanks for listening,

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Thoughts on Creativity

Hope everyone had a great Easter and I pray that we don’t just think about God and Jesus on Easter and Christmas only.

I feel like I have been a little MIA lately.  Sometimes I get in a creative funk. I do that with my sewing projects and my paintings pretty much anything I get excited about. Example: I wanted to learn how to take better pictures so I bought a pretty nice camera – I only used it for about a month or two and now it’s been about 6 months since I have touched it.

I come up with this great ideas and then I put all my focus and attention for the next however many hours it take me to finish it and sometimes I can spin multiple ideas off one but then I burn out. I get bored with it and I won’t touch my camera,  sewing machine or a paint brush for weeks. It’s not that I don’t think about it.

I should go get my camera out and practice or learn something new. I should go paint a picture or I should go sew something, I should go write on my blog… etc.

I am going to try to be better. I would like to combine all the things I like to do into one. It’s hard though. Someday, I feel like when I get married and have kids, I won’t have the kind of time I have now and I need to start getting better at using the time I have now, so one day I won’t look back and think… ” I should have (sewn/taken pictures/painted/journaled…) more.”

What I need to do –  is not put so much pressure on myself to come with the BEST idea or project and just do it because I like to and do it for the sake of doing it.

Sometimes, the best ideas come from starting something and rearranging it and just making it as you go.

In fact, I think I will sew or paint tonight – maybe I will bust out the camera I paid a lot of money for too!!

Does anyone else ever feel like this??

Side note:

This looks like a movie I would love…