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Friday Review:

This weekend was fun!

My Dad is a photographer, and had a picture in an art show down in the Paseo District, so Richard and I went on a little mini date. It was a lot of fun! I busted out my camera and actually took some decent pictures.









Then after, we were finished we met my Mom and Stepdad to play a new game that Richard and I really like to play.





Overall it was a fun Friday!


P.S. Please don’t judge my photos too harshly, I am also still learning about my camera and working on my photography skills.

Weekend Rewind

Today feels like Monday. Even though, it’s really Tuesday. I am so glad we had a three day weekend, so even though it’s Tuesday – It’s Monday for me, so here is my weekend rewind.

Friday, at work was kind of  a short day because we got to have a party, one of the Doctor’s I work with became an US citizen! (yah!) 

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 I got to spend some quality time with my family and it was fun, we played board games and hung out, then on Saturday Richard took me to the last George Strait/Martina McBride concert. It is SO sad that this is supposed to be George Strait’s last concert in OKC ever. It was still a lot of fun though and I am SO happy I got to go.
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Sorry for the bad pictures. (taken from my phone.)

I will spare you the videos I took, they are worse than the pictures and instead I will play you my favorite videos of these two. (With George Strait it is SO hard to narrow it down to one.)


Martina McBride – Whatever You Say

George Strait – Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye

I could write a whole blog about my love for George…

Saturday, Sunday and Monday, were very good productive days – a bit more of hanging out with family and hanging with Richard and since Monday was a holiday, I made the most of it and ran errands most of the day. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Let’s Talk Money! (Part 1)

I haven’t ever been great with money but I am not horrible either..


Money has been on my mind lately. I have been trying to get out of debt and just be overall smarter about the way I use money. I don’t want to be tied down and a slave to money I want to control the money.

I don’t have a lot of debt but I have enough that I don’t like it. A couple of  credit cards, student loans and a car. I have about average debt for my age but I don’t want to be average anymore.

The pastor of the church I attend did a series on money a while back and I took the advice he had really seriously. You can watch the series here.

I was already creating a budget every month. I had been doing that for a year. I created my spreadsheet because I couldn’t find one that worked best for me on the internet. I say do an internet search and see if you can find one that works for you and if not it is easy to make your own in Excel.

Even though, I had a budget I found myself running over in certain categories (food) then Richard noticed something I didn’t. He said that I wasn’t tracking every penny to a T. I was just half keeping track. So I added another section where I actually broke down all my categories and I put down every single penny I spent into one these categories so I could easily see where I was making mistakes. I could look at my food budget for example and see why I went over…maybe because I spent $20.00 on one meal the other night at Cheesecake Factory when I went out with my friends??  After doing this it helped tremendously.

Here is an example of my budget and my budget breakdown. (Disclaimer: This is NOT my real budget this is just an example, I don’t really feel comfortable showing my real budget over the internet – but I wanted to show what it looks like so you get the idea.) Agian, this works for me and may not work for you. (Feel free to use my example and make it your own.) – everything written in red is to help you understand what I am doing. I had to save as a web page picture to make the link work. So you will you have to be familiar enough with Excel to be able to make your own.

If you need help, feel free to ask me. Also, if you have any suggestions I would love to help them. This isn’t perfect and I always look at it as a work in progress.

Next time, I will talk about the snowball effect and how I am going to use it in my next step to get debt free!! Richard is already way ahead of me and is almost finished! (Jealous…)

Do you guys keep a budget, and if so how do you do yours?! I would love to know.

Happy New Year Everyone!


I had an amazing holiday!

I got a nice long break from work and got to spend time with friends and family! We played a lot board games, Settlers of Catan, Walking Dead, and Millionaire Monopoly. It’s Richard and I’s favorite thing to do!

I got a lot of new goodies too for Christmas! A crimper (or more of a waiver – I love the look it gives my hair)  a Kindle fire, and a new Coach purse.(mine is a different color than the one shown, mine is white with different colored C’s.) What did you get for Christmas?

So last year I had this friend who said that he used to define his years by a word like, Hope, or Change etc. I always thought that was  good idea and then I saw this on Casey Weigand’s blog. It only made me confirm that instead of doing New Year Resolution’s, which like I have said before, I don’t do (I like to do goals whenever I feel like I need to.) I should pick a word instead.

This year I am going to pick the word action. follow through, carry out, complete, achieve.. What I mean is to actually do the things that I say I am going to do, or things that I have thought about doing but never do. This will be the year of doing! I am going to go take that test to get another teaching subject under my belt and I am going to actually go get that teaching job instead of just wishing it away. I am going to follow through, on other goals, go to the gym more, get in shape, cook at home more, get out of debt. These are goals that I have already set, (some long ago) but have never completed or finished! So – those of you that know me, I will need your help to finish and stay on task!  Maybe if you see me, ask me how it’s going and what actions I have taken. Help me stay accountable!

  What word would you like to use to define the next year of your life? I would love to know!

Christmas Lights!

This weekend Richard and I went to look at Christmas lights. Also, did I tell you that his son came with us? Did I tell you he has son?

Well he does…and he is super cute and a really funny kid!

I actually knew his son before I ever met Richard…but that’s a story for another day… right now I just want to share the Christmas lights!

We went to a little town called Chickasha where they have the Festival Lights. It’s kind of a big deal. The line was so long, but it was worth it!

 There were animals to pet, hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls to eat. Santa was there and of course all the lights:

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I think it should become like a tradition or something!

P.S. Sorry about the grainy pictures they were from our phones!


What’s Been Going On.

So sorry.

The other day in the car Richard asked me – “Why don’t you ever write on your blog anymore?”

I couldn’t give a very good, straight answer. I don’t really know. Boredom maybe. laziness? Maybe even it started feeling intimidating when I would read other girl’s blogs and see how cool they are and I feel like mine lacks in comparison.

I started thinking though – does it matter if anyone really reads this? No.
Do I genuinely like to blog. Yes.

So… I am back!

Here are some things to catch you up on what’s been going on in my little life.

  • Still with Richard. Going on 6 months now! Wow!! Where does the time go?!

IMG_20121126_075844Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppUploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Remember my dating plan? I would say it went very well.

  • I still love all my original TV shows but have added a new one. Walking Dead. I am pretty much obsessed. It’s so good… I have caught myself up to the end now and I may have withdraw symptoms until the next season starts in February.  Warning: It is really gory, what do you expect though from a tv show about zombies…but still so good! Does anyone else love this show?


  • December is going to be a busy month with the holidays, the Christmas parties, college graduations (Yah!! Congrats Sarah, my roomie!) and spending time with family. I will try to update more often like I used to until then here are some of Instagram pictures. I have been slacking there as well.. oops! 

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As always you can follow me in real-time on Instagram @amandawatkins2

Until later,

Update on Dating Part 4

Well… it’s been awhile since I have done a post on this topic. Warning this post could get quite wordy. I am just telling you up front…

As I said in this post here, I am dating someone exclusively.

Remember these post: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3?

So, I started this experience back in February/March… it was a crazy, new, different, fun experience.
I met guys on Match and other random places and I would date them. They all knew about each other for the most part, or at least knew I was dating others.

 There were times when I got confused or drained or tired. Some weeks I was going out almost every night plus working at my church child care center a couple of nights a week.

One time, this is embarrassing to admit, but I had a dream that I had all of them there on one date (except in the dream it wasn’t really any of them.) and I couldn’t remember any of their names and was getting them all confused! That’s when I decided to narrow things down and quit adding more. It just was becoming overwhelming.

So, I backed off  Match – and after talking to a couple of them and my counselor (yes, I go to counselor – just to talk to someone about things.) I decided that I wasn’t really going to go anywhere with any of them if I didn’t put in a little more effort with any of them, and really try so I kept the ones that I was still interested in, who were also still interested in me. (Keep in mind I talked about 3 of these guys into doing the same thing – So I knew they were also dating other girls.) I don’t know how to explain this except for there was no pressure from anyone…it was the first time I was communicating up front and they were too and I was building up friendships. Yeah, some of them backed out and I obviously backed out on them too but it was respectful and it was honest. I am still friends with some of them, and really respect and admire them and truly wish them the best!

Now… let’s talk about how this exclusive thing happened:

Continue reading


I am going to overload you for a minute with pictures from my Dallas trip:

Seahorse! 🙂

Flamingos…so pretty!

Me and one of my best friends Cristi.

(haha.. My eyes are closed!)

Creepy frogs.

View from our hotel room… supposedly JLo and Enrique Iglesias were at our hotel… I didn’t see them though. 😦

Ava and Momma.

Pretty fish from New Guinea.

Miss Ava.

Mr. Devil Owl.

Me and Ava saddled up.

Yes, this picture is much better…and oh yeah… I am dating someone exclusively now (and have been for a while – just didn’t want to talk about it yet.) More on that later.

Man, I really love Dallas and I didn’t want to come home. Maybe I just move there! I think Cristi would like that!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!