My Last Five Girlfriends:

I need to clarify – just in case any of you were misled by the title… NOT my last five girlfriends but Duncan’s.  🙂

I watched this super cute, very artful, movie on Netflix this weekend.

I really love movies like this! If you like British, rom-com indie movies this is for you!!

The movie follows Duncan through his last five girlfriends… He is trying to figure out where they each went wrong and how he can do better with the next one.  I thought it was very different/artsy not story-wise… I mean been there done that with other movies, for example: this one (not good)   but it held my attention with the way it was put together and I really wanted to know how it would turn out for him. I thought he was a cute/funny character and I was really rooting for him. Sometimes the acting can be a little cheesy… not that bad in my opinion for this movie!

Only one small complaint: They defiantly could have picked a better looking friend for Duncan. I mean especially for the role they wanted this guy to play.

 If you like these kinds of movies you should go check it out…