Happy New Year Everyone!


I had an amazing holiday!

I got a nice long break from work and got to spend time with friends and family! We played a lot board games, Settlers of Catan, Walking Dead, and Millionaire Monopoly. It’s Richard and I’s favorite thing to do!

I got a lot of new goodies too for Christmas! A crimper (or more of a waiver – I love the look it gives my hair)  a Kindle fire, and a new Coach purse.(mine is a different color than the one shown, mine is white with different colored C’s.) What did you get for Christmas?

So last year I had this friend who said that he used to define his years by a word like, Hope, or Change etc. I always thought that was  good idea and then I saw this on Casey Weigand’s blog. It only made me confirm that instead of doing New Year Resolution’s, which like I have said before, I don’t do (I like to do goals whenever I feel like I need to.) I should pick a word instead.

This year I am going to pick the word action. follow through, carry out, complete, achieve.. What I mean is to actually do the things that I say I am going to do, or things that I have thought about doing but never do. This will be the year of doing! I am going to go take that test to get another teaching subject under my belt and I am going to actually go get that teaching job instead of just wishing it away. I am going to follow through, on other goals, go to the gym more, get in shape, cook at home more, get out of debt. These are goals that I have already set, (some long ago) but have never completed or finished! So – those of you that know me, I will need your help to finish and stay on task!  Maybe if you see me, ask me how it’s going and what actions I have taken. Help me stay accountable!

  What word would you like to use to define the next year of your life? I would love to know!

Christmas Lights!

This weekend Richard and I went to look at Christmas lights. Also, did I tell you that his son came with us? Did I tell you he has son?

Well he does…and he is super cute and a really funny kid!

I actually knew his son before I ever met Richard…but that’s a story for another day… right now I just want to share the Christmas lights!

We went to a little town called Chickasha where they have the Festival Lights. It’s kind of a big deal. The line was so long, but it was worth it!

 There were animals to pet, hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls to eat. Santa was there and of course all the lights:

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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I think it should become like a tradition or something!

P.S. Sorry about the grainy pictures they were from our phones!


December Wishlist

1. $22 – etsy.com  2.$90 – allsaints.com 3.$130 – beauty.com 4.$55 – lordandtaylor.com

Christmas wish list just in case you were wondering… oh and I don’t have a tablet or a kindle yet either…. so I would obviously  have to have one of those to use the cover! 🙂

‘Tis the Season

It’s almost Christmas. Only 20 days left…but who is counting?

If this video doesn’t make you love Christmas then there must not be any hope for you!

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons! I am going to try to post some more Christmas things, like my Christmas wish list, Richard and I are going to go on some “Christmas dates soon” and maybe a really good peppermint fudge recipe that you can give away for presents! yum!  Stay tuned.


Dear Santa, Family or Friends,

This year for Christmas I made a list of what would be nice to get:

Just throwing ideas out…

1.) a big RED scarf.

2.) A vintage bike – with a cute little basket.

3.) A working sewing machine would be nice.

4.) Those Toms – Those Toms… (swoon)

5.) A big brown- semi-plain Coach purse.. Maybe?

What’s on your Christmas wishlist??