Yah! It’s Friday!

I love the weekends! ūüôā

Plans for this weekend for me include:

*Going to see one of my best friend’s new baby!

*Maybe a zoo trip if it doesn’t rain.

*For sure sleeping past 6:30 am.

*Working a little more on my new room and organizing my house! (I promise some pictures of the new house soon, but I need to wait until it looks a little better.)

*Remember my new car? It has very minimal hail damage but I have some extra money at the moment and I am going to get a quote on fixing that!¬† (It’s the little things that excite me!)

*Going to church. I love my church… and I look forward to going every week.

What are your plans for the weekend?


You’re Invited:

All my friends in the OKC area, come check out At the Movies this month at Lifechurch OKC: (Some friends I put in a lot of work on this, for the props.)