A college Graduation and a Concert

 This weekend was my roommates college graduation. It was a lot of fun watching her graduate! Lucky here she already has a teaching job and will be a fantastic teacher!

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After the graduation Richard and I went on a date!

Have you guys been to the Trans Siberian Orchestra??


(I didn’t get any video on my phone…but Youtube has videos.)


It was a really fun weekend!

What did you do?


Thoughts on Moving:

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Turning in the keys to my apartment the other day felt very strange. This was my very own  apartment. I had lived alone, by myself for the last year and 1/2.

It was something I always wanted to say that I could do. If I ever had to, I wanted to know that I was capable of being completely on my own and it felt great. Sometimes it did feel lonely and sometimes I wished I had roommate to keep company with but other times I LOVED it. I loved that if I wanted to go to sleep really early one night, or sleep in really late on Saturday morning I could. Or if I got that creative inspiration all the sudden I could turn my dining room into my art studio for a couple of days and nobody would care.

Since high school I have moved every couple of years. I like to think of my twenties in chunks of time based on where and who I was living with:

1st it was the same apartment I just moved from back in 2004. I lived with my two step-sisters  and a high school friend. Back then we were freshman in college barely making any money and babies when it came to trying this independence thing. We didn’t mind fitting 4 girls in a 2 bedroom apartment it was fun carefree and sometimes scary. This was the city….it wasn’t Cushing.

There were the couple of months after that where I lived with Mom this wasn’t horrible, but I was 19 and not wanting to stay at home….

There was the semester Sophomore year where I tried the dorms. I was working for the Housing Office and they talked me into it. Although, I met a lot of great girls, it wasn’t for me.. the tiny space the parking was horrible and I spent more time at my friend’s houses. Not to mention it was crazy expensive.

So, I moved in with my best college friends Cristi and Chacie, in a house.It was a BIG deal for a 20-year-old to live in a house and not an  apartment. I think we spent more time out on the front porch drinking wine, and talking about boys then we did actually living in the house. My fondest memories come from that house on Elwood Dr. That house was for sure haunted by the way, but that’s a different story.

After living with Cristi and Chacie there was another time for some reason that I lived with my Mom again. I think to save money, I don’t really remember…. but I had a boyfriend at the time, and I pretty much lived at his house instead of my Mom’s. (Not cool by the way.)

Cristi had got engaged and her and her fiance got another house and they asked me if I would like to stay with them – of course. Agian, I really loved living with Cristi and Chad. Lots of fun times, maybe a little too much fun sometimes.

Then it came time for them to get married and I wanted to give them their married time so me and one of my step- sisters moved to the city and got an apartment together. That was really fun to for about a year. I have to say that Cindy is probably one of the best roommates I ever had. We got along great and had a lot of fun!

Then I moved in with one of my then co-workers, Sarah and two of her friends. We moved to this giant house. I made a lot of good new friends when I lived with her. At the time I was student teaching and I was really busy so I wasn’t really at the house that much. I wish I would have hung out a little more. That year came and went…

Then I graduated. I had no idea where I would get a job. Everything was up in the air and I didn’t want to sign a lease anywhere but my friend Chacie (remember 2nd set of roommates) said I could stay with her in her extra bedroom. So I went down to Moore where I stayed for the summer until I got my job and my very own place…

Which leads me to present day.

Now, it’s time to start another chapter… it’s not that I don’t like living alone and it’s not like I couldn’t afford the bills, but I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a roommate again to split rent/bills with and I was talking to a newer friend I made this last year and she is the same boat as me. So, we discussed it and her Dad actually bought her a house and we are officially roommates. It feels good to live in a house again. Have more space, pay 1/2 the rent I was paying and to just have someone there. 

That was a lot of moving in the last 8 years! I am ready to start the next story though. I plan on staying here until Sarahbeth kicks me out or one of us gets married.

That is something I actually look forward to one day. A house that would be my own families house that would be our home, and not temporary. Where we wouldn’t have to pack up and move after every lease… a real home.

Until then, I will just see where this goes…