It’s Hot…(That’s an Understatement.)

This weekend there were wildfires all over the state.

Some of them hit pretty close to my hometown of Cushing. My Facebook was blowing up with people talking about the fires and how close they were getting to town. Some friends and family members were told to evacuate. As far as I know, everyone is ok, but it was pretty heartbreaking and scary.

Please keep the firefighters who I am sure are exhausted in your prayers. Also, please for the people who weren’t so lucky to have a home to come back to. Oh! Prayers for desperate needed rain and cooler temperatures would also be very much appreciated!

113 degrees is too hot!! Ugh… is it Fall yet? Speaking of hot, I went shopping this weekend for the tax-free weekend and even though it’s hotter than-all-get-out outside, somehow looking at sweaters and Fall clothes  that are out suddenly made me feel cool and excited for the fall/winter. I would prefer cold and snow any day over the summer. 

Side Note: I bought these shoes this weekend. I kind of love them! 🙂


z154302498-1.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04

A Letter to My Little Hometown,

Dear Cushing,
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I know I left you a long time ago,(about 8 years ago) but I haven’t forgotten you now, have I? I come and visit whenever I get a chance. “I drag Main” and eat at Rodolfo’s   and Homestead whenever I get a chance. I tell people about you. I tell people about your quaintness, your small town charm and how great you can be! I tell them that if they want to Skydive – “Cushing is your place!”

I tell them where you are… by Stillwater and exactly and hour in between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

I talk about the country roads and tell people that one of my favorite places in the World is just about 3 miles outside of your city limits on a county road that overlooks the town and at night-time it really is the best!!

I talk about your water park and my old school. It really wasn’t that bad. Some of my best friends I made there, and I have a lot of good memories. I also talk about your oil and tell people – “Hey, did you know Cushing is the Pipeline Crossroads of the World?”

Now, tomorrow is a BIG day for you. Something that has never happened  in Cushing.  The President of United States is coming to visit. Holy moly. That’s crazy!!  Read about it and watch a news video here.

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Yep, he is coming to visit you, my hometown of 8,000 people.

I know. I know. It’s controversal. He is a democrat and we are a majority republican state — but please, I am begging you. Please – don’t embarrass me on Thursday!