I am going to overload you for a minute with pictures from my Dallas trip:

Seahorse! ūüôā

Flamingos…so pretty!

Me and one of my best friends Cristi.

(haha.. My eyes are closed!)

Creepy frogs.

View from our hotel room… supposedly¬†JLo and¬†Enrique Iglesias were at our hotel… I didn’t see them though. ūüė¶

Ava and Momma.

Pretty fish from New Guinea.

Miss Ava.

Mr. Devil Owl.

Me and Ava saddled up.

Yes, this picture is much better…and oh yeah… I am dating someone exclusively¬†now (and have been for a while – just didn’t want to talk about it yet.) More on that later.

Man, I really love Dallas and I didn’t want to come home. Maybe I just move there! I think Cristi would like that!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Instagram Again:

1.) Me and Holly. 2.)OKC¬†science museum¬†3.) Blacklight! 4.) How cute is my friend’s baby? 5.) Breakfast 5.)Picture someone else took of me!

Off to Dallas for the weekend! So excited! Everyone have a safe and fun weekend.