Fashion Icons

When I dress up, I would like to think that my style is a little vintage, a little mod.

I LOVE bright colors, patterns, skirts/tights, etc.

Here are a couple of my favorite style icons.

Zooey Deschannel:




Who are your favorite style icons for inspiration?


Winter Fashion

Winter Wear

It’s Hot…(That’s an Understatement.)

This weekend there were wildfires all over the state.

Some of them hit pretty close to my hometown of Cushing. My Facebook was blowing up with people talking about the fires and how close they were getting to town. Some friends and family members were told to evacuate. As far as I know, everyone is ok, but it was pretty heartbreaking and scary.

Please keep the firefighters who I am sure are exhausted in your prayers. Also, please for the people who weren’t so lucky to have a home to come back to. Oh! Prayers for desperate needed rain and cooler temperatures would also be very much appreciated!

113 degrees is too hot!! Ugh… is it Fall yet? Speaking of hot, I went shopping this weekend for the tax-free weekend and even though it’s hotter than-all-get-out outside, somehow looking at sweaters and Fall clothes  that are out suddenly made me feel cool and excited for the fall/winter. I would prefer cold and snow any day over the summer. 

Side Note: I bought these shoes this weekend. I kind of love them! 🙂


z154302498-1.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04


I love every single one of these outfits. I just love dressing up with color. I actually can dress pretty cute. Believe it or not I get a lot of compliment on my outfits… I have thought about actually documenting them in this blog and posting outfit pictures but it’s kind of hard to get good pictures when you live alone. Believe me I have tried!
Anybody out there have any tips on how to take good self-portrait pictures??

Interesting Things Lately – Here and There

–  Viral: Oklahoma Lady talks about fire and bronchitis. haha.

 Six things to know about wearing  color.

– I live alone and I don’t have a problem. Is this true?

These are some pretty cool houses.

DIY Instagram Scrapbook.

– My Friend Cristi would LOVE this owl etsy shop.


What I Learned This Week:

1.) Too much coffee is a bad thing.

2.) Having an opinion that differs from someone else is ok.

3.) I have too many clothes… but I still want a pair of these:


4.) I still don’t have enough shoes though…le sigh — what to do?

5.) When my friend comes to town I spend too much money? Why?!?! My bank account hates me…

6.) Guys at Starbucks like to give advice about house hunting…

7.) New laptops are awesome!

8.) Bad brake lights will get you a warning. That’s not cool.

9.) I miss my friend. I need her closer. Texas can kiss it – I want you back. 😦 Yes. Cristi Dee I am talking to you.

10.)  I should have went with a small dress  – not a medium.

11.) Four year olds are soo funny!

12.) Having a co-worker your age in the office who went to the same college as you – changes things! (Makes it a little more bearable.) I can relate to someone again.

13.) Putting laundry up can wait….but not forever – it will eventually take on its own mind and overtake you. one square foot of your room at a time.

14.) I am excited for my brother to be back in the USA and out of Afghanistan. Can’t wait to see him next week. (see this post here about when he left.)

15.) Guys are still dumb.

16.) If it’s windy wear pants not a dress. Don’t be an idiot.

17.) I love this song by Adele:

Post Thanksgiving Day – AKA Black Friday:

Hello –

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving.  Hope you got to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones and eat a ton of good food!

Things I am thankful for:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • That I have a job
  • That I have live in a great nation
  • Thankful for my body that does all kinds of miraculous things
  • Thankful that I have a great God who is mighty and loving

That’s just a little bit of the things I am thankful for:

Today I also got FREE Starbucks… just b/c they said it took too long in the drive-thru. I am pretty thankful for that too. 🙂

Remember: be thankful everyday!!

Here is a Homemade Apple pie I made – with a cinnamon roll swirl crust: (guess my Family Consumer Science (aka: Home Ec) degree wasn’t a waste – just b/c I can’t find a job teaching it doesn’t mean I can’t use it! Ha!

I do wish I would have a taken a picture of the crust it really was amazing.


Also… my cousin does hair and as payment for watching her kids last night while she got her Black Friday shopping on… She did my hair this morning:

I kind of love it… P.S. Those are extensions (because my hair is thin and fine and I have dreamed of long thick hair my whole life.) Don’t tell anyone 🙂

Also – The extensions are not as red in the picture… it really does blend better.

Well.. that’s all I have for today!!