The Elusive One

Last night my friend Sarah and I were talking at Lifegroup about why life isn’t always fair and what God might want to do through you in difficult situations. Since we are both single the topic of dating came up, naturally.

These kinds of thoughts were ping-ponged back and forth between us:

“Maybe God gave us those bad relationships to prepare us for what he really wants.” / “That guy just wasn’t the one.” /” I look for someone all the time at the grocery store and everywhere I go.” /”It would just be better if I knew.”/ “What if it was like that movie about the timer?”

What?! What movie? My friend caught me off guard…

She explained it to me and I was interested…

Finding true love is easier than ever thanks to a bio-technological implant called the TiMER, which counts down to the exact time people meet their soul mates. Love-starved Oona (Emma Caulfield, TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is pushing 30, but her TiMER hasn’t even started counting down yet. What’s worse, she’s falling for a guy (John Patrick Amedori, Gossip Girl) who is set to meet his true love in four months. Newcomer Jac Schaeffer crafts a smart romantic comedy that leaves behind the burning question… would you want to know? Screening at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. For more information and tickets, visit

So naturally, when I got home I got on Netflix and watched it.

It wasn’t bad. I love indie films anyways, but what I loved most about it was that it made me think and I could relate.

This is how the TiMER works:

  • Somehow, scientifically they figured it out and you can have a countdown until the day you meet the one.
  • The TiMER is placed on your wrist.
  • It is 100% accurate.
  • When you “zero out”  sometime within the next 24 hours when you make eye contact with the person you both beep.
  • Yours is blank? – That means your one doesn’t have a TiMER or you won’t ever have anyone. Sucks to be you.
  • You have to be at least 14 for it to work.
  • Once it beeps – you know who it is, but it doesn’t mean it will be instant attraction or anything. There are different kinds of the one. You might hate each other – or be friends first or not be that attracted to them yet or  it could be instant but the TiMER only tells you when you will meet them.

Now, before I go any further – for the record I KNOW this made-up stuff but none-the-less it made me think about things??
What if your TiMER says you won’t meet the one until you are in your 40’s or 50’s? So what do you with so many in between years while you wait?  Would you really want to know that you will be that old and KNOW that you have to watch pretty much everyone else around be in love? Do you still even date others? This was something one of the characters faced. I mean – if you knew 100% it will happen just not for a long time would you be relieved or frustrated or both?

What if you got a blank one?? Another character in the movie gets a blank one and so even though she has the TiMER she still doesn’t know because her one doesn’t have a TiMER. So, in that situation is it better or worse? Then  do you ONLY date guys who don’t have TiMERS and try to convince them they need one so you know? You already know that anybody you meet with a timer isn’t the one. What if yours never came on?

What if in either of those situations, (a blank one or one that won’t happen for years) you fell in love with someone who isn’t your one? Do you stay with who you love knowing they could leave you for their one later, or they refuse to get a TiMER and yours is blank do you just go with it and “hope” they are the one?

What if you are already married and you or your spouse decides to get a TiMER and you realize they are NOT the one?  Whether you were happy or not, do you stay married or leave?

In the movie anytime two people’s TiMER’s went off it was kind of awkward. Because, then they would just stand there and be like. “Okay, now what?”  When their TIMER would stop at the 24 hour mark the next day was very tense. (Even I could feel it watching the movie.) Who would it be?… and they would spend the day looking or wondering. What would it feel like to know that in the next 24 hours I am going to meet my soul mate?

What if you seriously thought you knew and you were wrong? What if you can and do have more than just one soul mate??

Oh.. this movie brought up sooo many questions and like I said, even though it was make-believe it’s NOT that far off from real life. Every day, people are looking of the one. Some will wait years before they decide that this person they met was the one, some people refuse to make a commitment without a guarantee (in real life – I guess a feeling. Still not sure what this means?) Some people think whatever – I don’t want to wait so they just risk loving and losing.

So the real questions are  fate or love and would you really want to know?