Happy Valentine’s Day Loves

I won’t lie. This is one of my favorite days. Always has been, even when I didn’t have a boyfriend. I just love this day!

I think it reminds me of Christmas where really anything can happen!  Haha… I know, that’s dorky right?

Have any of you ever seen the movie Valentine’s Day, it really was a let down movie in my opinion, but I like to think I am like the Ashton Kutcher character, who is in love with Valentine’s Day. (Speaking of that, with SOOO many famous really good actors why was that movie such a bust?) If you want to see a really good movie about love, check out  Paris, Je T’aime. Okay, so most of the movie is in French, that’s ok that’s why they invented subtitles and anyways French is a really romantic language anyways. It’s an indie film basically with 5-10 short stories, but it’s so good!!


I still love the vintage-y cards. Just saying!

Anyways, I wrote this post to today basically just to say that I hope everyone has the best Valentines Day ever and whether you have a significant other or not, just have fun today and share the love.

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Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Headed out of town for the weekend!! Road trip to Texas. Pictures to come later! Everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend!! 🙂