Why I Blog – Being Purposeful

I started blogging because, I somehow stumbled upon this girl’s blog one day, and then slowly starting reading other girl’s blogs…until one day, I thought ” I could do that.” 

So became this blog.

At first, it was just a personal blog, with not really a lot of depth or anything to it… but over the last few weeks I have decided that I want to give this blog a purpose.

I want to have meaningful posts that aren’t just about me specifically.

As you are aware, if you have been following me, I studied family consumer science in school and so I am familiar with cooking/nutrition, sewing/fashion design, families and relationships, interior design, child development and teaching, I also ventured off track while in college and took some business classes and some art, and I decided what better way to use all the skills I have learned over the years than to blog. I decided that if I REALLY put some time and some effort and made it a little more specific to only these topics, it could go somewhere with it.

So that’s what I am doing. Hopefully, over the next few months you will see mostly only topics above, I will still post some personal things, but not as much. I am not by  any means an expert on any of the topics I studied, as my major was so broad that I only took 1-2 classes per topic but I love talking about those topics and I think I can still get my “teaching” itch out by teaching you things I learned or am currently learning.

So you will see a lot more tutorials and how to’s and more book reviews, ideas, on the topics specific above!

I am going to try to tab them all at the top, so that if you are really interested in one specific topic then you can see what I wrote there! Of course all post will stream through my main page.

So… come along and follow me on this journey, and like I have stated before, I am still learning a lot but I really hope you will help me learn!  If you have any advice for me, ideas, suggestions, comments please feel free to contact me!! email me @ musingsfromagirl@gmail.com.

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