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My Life in Instagram:

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Instagram Update!

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What’s Been Going On.

So sorry.

The other day in the car Richard asked me – “Why don’t you ever write on your blog anymore?”

I couldn’t give a very good, straight answer. I don’t really know. Boredom maybe. laziness? Maybe even it started feeling intimidating when I would read other girl’s blogs and see how cool they are and I feel like mine lacks in comparison.

I started thinking though – does it matter if anyone really reads this? No.
Do I genuinely like to blog. Yes.

So… I am back!

Here are some things to catch you up on what’s been going on in my little life.

  • Still with Richard. Going on 6 months now! Wow!! Where does the time go?!

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Remember my dating plan? I would say it went very well.

  • I still love all my original TV shows but have added a new one. Walking Dead. I am pretty much obsessed. It’s so good… I have caught myself up to the end now and I may have withdraw symptoms until the next season starts in February.  Warning: It is really gory, what do you expect though from a tv show about zombies…but still so good! Does anyone else love this show?


  • December is going to be a busy month with the holidays, the Christmas parties, college graduations (Yah!! Congrats Sarah, my roomie!) and spending time with family. I will try to update more often like I used to until then here are some of Instagram pictures. I have been slacking there as well.. oops! 

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Until later,

Instagram Again:

1.) Me and Holly. 2.)OKC science museum 3.) Blacklight! 4.) How cute is my friend’s baby? 5.) Breakfast 5.)Picture someone else took of me!

Off to Dallas for the weekend! So excited! Everyone have a safe and fun weekend.

Life Through Instagram Lately

IMG_20120417_174019-2.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04IMG_20120804_192921.jpg image by Miss_Mandy0420120809_080103_Sara_Clean.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04IMG_20120814_075407.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04

a. Just playing around with Editing. b.a picture of me in the morning before work. c. This summer has been brutal. d. a cake my boss bought me. I am spoiled. I know.  e. new clothes! Score. f. Breakfast of champions right?! Cupcake pop-tarts. g. the weather today.. thank goodness for a break in the heat with rain as well. h. Beautiful sunrise… makes going to work in the mornings a little more tolerable. 🙂 i. Last picture of my apartment before I turned in the keys last month. Bittersweet.

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Instagram Update

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Instagram Update:

Little tid-bits from my trip to see my friend for her daughters birthday!

Life Lately: According to Instagram

IMG_20120505_191055.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04

Left to right: never-ending to-do list at work 2. cherryberry yogurt 3. self-portrait 4. 1970’s canister 5. perfect weather 6. an oil pastel drawing I did 7. rainy day at work 8. my not so little baby brother 9. another self-portrait 10.lyrics to a song on my Pandora radio.

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Instagram update:

 IMG_20120427_104853.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04IMG_20120424_212554.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04

I am just now getting back from a four-day weekend! It was a lot of fun!! 🙂