It’s Back…

I have that creative itch again.

The one where I want to just make stuff and do creative things!!

Have you seen this website?

I am in love with this idea…(also in love with the creator. *sigh* Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Anyways…they do these themes and right now the theme is Childhood. (See video)

Now…what could I do that was creative and had to do with Childhood??

This is where I wish I had a kid, like he said. Haha… I used to do really cool art projects with the kids at the daycare.. they weren’t my kids though, so I can’t use them.

Hmmm…I am going to think and then I am going to create. This time I am going to do it!! : )

Maybe Joseph will notice my work! Maybe…one can hope.

Mid-Week Link-up


I Think You’re Just so Pleasant

Can I just gush a little  here for a minute…

I love them! This makes me wish I could dance like that and makes me think they should just get married or something!   See Joseph and Zooey singing a song together here.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Oh My Goodness…

Two of my most favorite celebrities…(and usually I don’t really get into that kind of thing. But how could you not love these two?)

Plus… Joseph is such a cutie…

If I was a celebrity – these two would be my friend choice for sure!

P.S. I know it’s past New Years… but I don’t care… just wanted to share this!