Brand New Shoes

Here is good Zooey song to help you finish out the week and get to Friday!

Don’t be too jealous but I don’t have to work tomorrow. That’s right I took the day off! Richard and I are going to Paris. No… not Paris France (wish!) but Paris TX to see my friend Cristi.

Well… have a great day!!

P.S. Obviously, this post isn’t about a brand new pair of shoes I bought, nope. It’s the name of the song. 🙂

Good Hearted Man

This is one of my favorite country songs…but you have probably not ever heard it. Why??? I don’t know, but they don’t play it on mainstream, but it is a shame…it really is. Do not fret though, I am sharing it with you so you too can be enlightened. Enjoy. Thank me later!

The Band Perry!

This song…

Love it! Warning though:  It’s one of those that will get in your head and stay for a while.


You Are For Me

I know I just shared a Kari Jobe video a few post down, but here is another one! I can’t get enough of her right now!

I love this song, because it’s so true!

Hope everyone has a great day!


‘Tis the Season

It’s almost Christmas. Only 20 days left…but who is counting?

If this video doesn’t make you love Christmas then there must not be any hope for you!

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons! I am going to try to post some more Christmas things, like my Christmas wish list, Richard and I are going to go on some “Christmas dates soon” and maybe a really good peppermint fudge recipe that you can give away for presents! yum!  Stay tuned.


Take Me the Way I Am

You Steady My Heart

Just thought I would share this song this morning…

z154302498-1.jpg image by Miss_Mandy04

I Have Been Really Bad Lately…


I haven’t been able to come up with anything to write about latley…Just been busy moving and working. Working a lot!

Give me some time and I will be back to normal!

Until then…

So beautiful! Love it.. such a magical voice and song!

Hope everyone has an amazing day!


Dark Side

Have you heard/seen this Kelly Clarkson video yet?

I love it!  I really like her new look with the darker hair and the bangs.. she is pretty awesome!

I also really – really love this song and the message the song sends out. Pretty much: would you love me for me? Isn’t that really what everybody wants?

Brooke Fraiser!