Right now…

Obsessing over… These shoes I saw on the Skunkboy Blog. I need these shoes to be on my feet.
Anticipating… Fall/winter. I can’t wait. I think about it a lot. It’s my favorite. I just love the weather and the clothes and the food… oh… so excited for the Fall season.
Working on…  just being more in the moments. I have done so much changing especially in this last year. I won’t go into a lot of detail right now, but I have been working on myself, and  my relationships with people and I can honestly say that as of right now, I am in a good place and I can tell that all the inner work I have been doing is paying off. 
Watching… Not watching anything at the moment. I am still waiting for my new roommate to come home so we can get cable hooked up! I usually don’t watch tv but if my roommate is going to hook it up and I have someone to split the cost I guess I will watch more tv. I am pretty excited that all my favorite shows are about to start airing again!! New Girl, The Office, Modern Family, Parks and Rec.
Thinking about… this new diet I am going to start Monday. I am not trying to really lose weight but I just want to be healthier so I am going to try this and go to the gym on a more regular basis… I am excited/dreading this! haha… I am pretty excited about actually buying groceries and saving money on that instead of eating out and eating a lot of junk food. I can tell a difference of when I eat healthy vs non healthy and it really sucks the first few days…but then it gets better. I have a motivational partner though so that should help!! More to come on that later! 😉
Reading…  I am waiting on this book to come in from the library.
Listening to… Pandora of course.  I have 3 favorite stations on Pandora.  My She and Him Radio, a Country mix of 90’s and today, and a Christian station.  Right now, I am listening to the She and Him radio and  I am listening to “Ghost” by Ingrid Michaelson.
Eating… A pop-tart and coffee.. haha.. I know! This is why I am going to try to eat healthier!
Wishing… that my new house would actually be a little more normal and that my new roommate would come home so we could get things started.  I moved at the beginning of the month but you should see it. I had to move things over because my apartment lease was up…but they weren’t quite finished with renovations yet so I officially was able to move into my room this last week but things are still not unpacked and the rest of the house is pretty bare until my roommate comes back from Texas (where she is from recuperating from surgery). I am just excited to get things to normal soon!
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I Feel so Soulful Today and a Small Rant

Doesn’t this song just make you feel so…happy? It does me!

I feel like I am on the verge of something exctiting…but I am not sure yet what exactly!

On to another note….this makes me so angry!!!

“We are setting up that cycle of poverty for him and his family,” Dr. Janet Dunlop said, the Chief Academic Officer for the Broken Arrow school district.

She is talking about one student who did not pass the ACE tests that are required to get a diploma.

Dunlop said it’s because his family’s house caught fire and he was homeless while supporting a disabled mother and autistic brother.

“That’s a lot of weight to put on one child and meet these ACE requirements,” she said. “He has worked so hard and has passed all but one test.”

I have mixed feelings about this, yes students need to be held responsible but you are really going to base how much they learned in 13 years to  test! How about actually, taking care of the situation as it goes, when they are in 6th grade and can’t pass English. Instead we pass them through classes just because of “No Child Left Behind” – then we don’t let them graduate when they are Seniors because they can’t pass the test. Does this make sense to anyone? Or is just me!

I  have seen Juniors and Seniors who can’t read and write but somehow they got through, do I think they will pass this ridiculous test? Probably not, then what? – tell them… ” I am sorry, you didn’t pass the test, you can’t graduate now… repeat or drop out. Those are your options.”  Who’s fault is it anyways?? The teachers who passed them in elementary school, middle school and in high school for fear of not getting your numbers up! For the fear that your school will be on the dreaded “list” and you will lose your job.

It’s such a double-standard and makes me righteously angry.

Sometimes I actually want a  teaching job (that’s my degree) but then I get so angry at the public school system that I can’t even…

Sorry… this post wasn’t really supposed to go that way, I just wanted to voice my opinion on this!


I <3 Kate Nash!

I am going to overload you for a minute with my top Kate Nash Songs. I can’t narrow it down so here are all my favorites! (no particular order)


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My littlest Brother graduated high school this weekend. (Please ignore the horrible picture of me and that face my brother is making!)

Here is a video that describes today for me: [It’s Monday and rainy.]

I have been watching a lot of The Wonder Years on Netflix – so I am really inspired by the 60’s/70’s currently.


Linking-up and a Cute Song!

Why didn’t my mom make my lunches like this!! Jealous of this kid.

What?! Serioulsy. I don’t like this… it’s all kinds of wrong!

Wow! This is not funny…this is actually scary. A lion at the zoo is trying to eat a kid through the glass.

Good advice if you use instagram!

Barbie would be a freak in real life?! – She would be really out-of-porportion.

Coffee and love?

Now… for a song:  

(this is such a super cute song!)


I saw this  on a blog I was reading and I though it would be a fun writing idea. Plus go check out Sometimes Sweet. She is a pretty cool girl.

So here goes…

Reading: Well, I haven’t started yet, but I will be picking up Helen Keller in Love. I also wrote a pre-review post already. I am pretty excited about it. There is also another book recommended by a girl I work with at the church that I will probably read soon too.

Watching: My favorite TV shows as of now are: Modern Family, The New Girl, Parks and Recreation, and The Office (Yes, I still like it, even with Michael gone.) I usually set aside some time on Thursdays and I watch these on Hulu. I have to say I look forward to this small amount of time every week. This is really the only time I watch tv. (Unless you count the news running in the background while I get ready every morning, or if I am at someone else’s house and they are watching tv.)

Working on: Getting healthier, in general. Trying to eat healthier and excercise more. Just overall make better decisions in life.

Thinking about: My weekend – it’s already crazy busy! How am I going to fit everything in?

Anticipating: Change. I need it. I feel like I have been stuck in a rut for a while now. I can’t wait until something exciting happens or changes!!

Listening to: If you haven’t realized it yet from reading my blog, I am like Zooey Deschanel’s biggest fan! Haha… so I am actually listening to my She & Him Pandora station… and wouldn’t you know it… I am actually listening to Zooey now. There are a lot of other “new” artists I am learning I really like also from station.

Eating: Apples with peanut butter. My new favorite snack for now!! 🙂

Wishing: I was on vacation now. Any place better than where I am at. I love Oklahoma but I gotta try something new! Give me some mountains, a beach, a city – anything.

Link up if you want and tell me what you are currently doing.


I know I have been posting a lot of videos here lately…but I really wanted to share a new-to-me singer that I am really – really liking at the moment.

“I hope that you see right through my walls”  / “You put your arms around me and I’m home.”

Who can relate to this song? Most everybody I believe!

Gypsies Never Get Tied Down

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to just be –  like a gypsy. Just doing what I felt like doing at the time and not worrying about money, bills, my commitments, etc…

This song describes those kind of feelings. Sometimes I daydream a lot … What if I was a hippie/gypsy… What if I was a rockstar… What if I was a Mother… What if I lived here… or thereWhat if I had lived during those times. (insert really any period.. I think about all of them. haha.)  I like to think about things like that, it’s kind of fun.

– “but I [really] was born a red-dirt girl” — and there is nothing wrong with that!! 🙂

Although, how fun could it be to live in an airstream?