Family and Consumer Sciences…What?

In college I couldn’t decide on a major. I started just doing basics – when I ran out of those classes I was forced to pick something. I knew I wanted something fun and different but what?

I started in Family Life Sciences – I thought maybe I would be some kind of counselor working with families. When I realized that they must have at least Master’s if not higher degrees plus at least a two-year internship with little pay in the long run I changed my mind. If I HAD to go to school that long (even though I  really like school.) I wasn’t going to do it for that pay and that kind of stress. I even had my old boss talk me out of it. He said he was a family counselor and it’s completely stressful and very emotionally draining. I could have also been a social worker with degree – but, it was the same. No pay for a VERY stressful and emotionally changeling job. I just couldn’t do it.

So– I changed majors to 2D painting. I didn’t know what I would actually do with it, but it was really fun. It was strange how people would respond to me when I would tell them what I was doing.. “Oh! that’s fun! That’s super cool!” to “Ohhhh.. that’s interesting. What are you going to do with that?” Since I couldn’t justify it other than than I liked it, i decided I really probably should pick something a little more lucrative. (sometimes, I do wish I would have stuck with it though.)

After one semester, I changed again to business per my father’s advice. BORING. I absolutely hated it. The classes were sooo blah, and I couldn’t get into it.

So then I it came time to enroll again and it was decision time. If I ever wanted to graduate. I would have to pick a major and stick with it stat! So I thought, what do I like to do and what am I good at.

  • I really like working with children. (I was working at child development center.)
  • I like art. I like being creative
  • I like really prefer more of human development classes as opposed to business.
  • I want something that will take a lot of the classes I already have so I am not starting from scratch.

Then I found it! I was looking through the school book of majors and I found Family Consumer Science Education. AKA: Home Ec. Teacher!

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