Now is the Right Time


Love this… is it not the perfect truth?

Thoughts Based on a Quote

“You won’t get what you don’t ask for. You can change your mind. And you don’t have to settle for fine.” –via

I saw this quote today and I loved it.

Each one of these sentences are so true:

You won’t get what you don’t ask for. – Things never just fall in your lap. I mean they can, but that’s rare right? I have this problem of not asking for things I want. I don’t really know exactly why I don’t ask for things. Maybe for fear of not being deserving enough. Maybe, sometimes its a fear of getting my hopes up and sometimes I think it’s a fear of actually getting what I want!

You can change your mind. –I think these little 5 words should be my mantra. I have the worst problem with making any kind of decision. I can’t make up mind, because everything seems so permanent. (hello….commitment phobe!) Does it have to be though??? No. not really. I can change my mind. If I make a decision and it doesn’t work I can change my mind and go on a different route. Nothing is really permanent. Now, if I got married, of course… I would hope that I or my spouse wouldn’t just change our minds but you know, in the day-to-day decisions that is a good mantra I think. Try new things. Worst case scenario – I can change my mind! Even if it does end badly, I learned my lesson and on to the next thing.

You don’t have to settle for fine – I hate settling, and maybe that’s why I can never make up my mind. I debate about if my decisions are settling or what I really should do. Maybe, we know deep down and we just have to trust this….intution. If you feel stuck in rut, change something and don’t settle. Again, it’s that fear thing that I believe makes most people settle.

So, I realized that all three of those sentences I related to fear. Wow… maybe I should work on being more brave!

How do you become a  brave person?