A Letter to My Little Hometown,

Dear Cushing,
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I know I left you a long time ago,(about 8 years ago) but I haven’t forgotten you now, have I? I come and visit whenever I get a chance. “I drag Main” and eat at Rodolfo’s   and Homestead whenever I get a chance. I tell people about you. I tell people about your quaintness, your small town charm and how great you can be! I tell them that if they want to Skydive – “Cushing is your place!”

I tell them where you are… by Stillwater and exactly and hour in between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

I talk about the country roads and tell people that one of my favorite places in the World is just about 3 miles outside of your city limits on a county road that overlooks the town and at night-time it really is the best!!

I talk about your water park and my old school. It really wasn’t that bad. Some of my best friends I made there, and I have a lot of good memories. I also talk about your oil and tell people – “Hey, did you know Cushing is the Pipeline Crossroads of the World?”

Now, tomorrow is a BIG day for you. Something that has never happened  in Cushing.  The President of United States is coming to visit. Holy moly. That’s crazy!!  Read about it and watch a news video here.

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Yep, he is coming to visit you, my hometown of 8,000 people.

I know. I know. It’s controversal. He is a democrat and we are a majority republican state — but please, I am begging you. Please – don’t embarrass me on Thursday!