Red Dirt Proud

Here is a video I found about Oklahoma City.

I help bring faculty members from all over the country (sometimes even world) into my work and I have to talk up Oklahoma all the time. This video explains why this is such a great city!!

I already know it’s great but sometimes people get ideas in their head like…

Do we live in tepees? — No. We have regular houses just like everyone else.

Do we all ride horses everywhere? – No. We have things called automobiles? Have you heard of them?

Do we have a ton of deadly tornadoes every time it storms? – No. We are NOT the only place that has tornado’s people…

There is nothing fun to do here.- You have to look! There are fun things all over the state.

We are all just a bunch of Republican hillbillies. – Yes, we are more red state but it’s ok… it’s not bad. As for the hillbillies – name any state and tell me they don’t have the people they aren’t proud of.

I really have been asked or told most of these things by people… it’s kind of crazy. This actually reminds me of the time when I first met my childhood friend who had moved here from Alaska… I asked her if she had lived in an Igloo. Haha. Maybe we all just need to travel a little more!