To Climb or Wait? That is the Question. Isn’t it?

Maybe it’s time for me to step out on this limb and grab the fruit! In a couple of parts of my life, I just need to risk things more often!

I have always been a play-it-safe person. I have to make sure 100% that things will work out before I really try anything. Maybe I just need to climb the tree, go out on the limb and if I fall (which could happen) then I just climb again. Right??

I really like this analogy. If you want the good stuff you gotta go get it!! …. but what if I just waited under the tree, you know, in the protection and shade and let it fall when it’s ready and ripe?? See what I just did there! That is my problem… le sigh..

I need to stop now while I am a little ahead…

Have a great day!

P.S. I don’t have a credit for the picture. I had it saved on my computer and forgot where I got it. So if you know….let me know! Thanks!