Things I Used to Tell Myself…

I used to tell my self lies..

{Lie} I will never like coffee. 
[Truth] I actually love it now!

{Lie} I hate running and working out and I will never like it.              
[Truth] Working out feels great!

{Lie} I will never be kissed by a  boy.(This seriously plagued me all of my teenage years.)
[Truth] That didn’t happen.

{Lie} I will never be able to drive in the city.                                       
[Truth] I have lived in the city a long time now.

{Lie} Skinny jeans are so unflattering on me.
[Truth] My skinny jeans are now my favorite jeans.

{Lie} Chinsese food is yuck!
[Truth] I really love it…

Lie} If I do this or that… (or don’t do this or that) then no will like me.
[Truth] I have plenty of people who love me no matter what I do or don’t do.        

{Lie} When I have felt stuck in the past, I thought things would never change. 
[Truth] Things always change.

Here is another truth… I still tell my self lies. I won’t share those now…. but the point is the lies I tell myself now are different then the lies I used to tell myself. I am more aware of them now and I can catch them and rebuke them, which has stopped a lot of worry/anxiety in my life over really dumb things. 

Rethinking the thought and asking my self if it’s true? Is it really true?? Are you 100% sure that’s the truth? Will usually snap me back to reality in no time. It’s amazing what happens when you just pay attention to your thoughts.

 I watched this last night…and it couldn’t have been more fitting.  Even, with knowing how to stop worrying and negative thoughts it’s hard – but then I read this.  Anyways… I just wanted to share this it was on my heart lately. (Maybe it can be of use to someone else.)

It’s Not Me…

It’s You.


There is nothing wrong with me – I am pretty, smart, fun, friendly, nice, young, and I have a whole wide world of possibilities.

As Forest Gump would say…”and that’s all I have to say about that.”