Where I Spend 8 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week…

I work at an office, and I spend a lot of my time there. Like most people who have office jobs, I get my own little spot called a cubicle. When I started this job, we used to work in another older building and I had a desk literally in the middle of the room, it was open and just there, then we moved to a brand new building and we all got new spaces in cubicles. At first I thought it would wonderful! I get to have my place, my own little 1/2 room in the office… turns out cubicles can actually be quite claustrophobic like and these were very bland little places… then I decided to brighten things up and make it a little more homey and little more me!

So, I went to the stores and I bought a few things, on a budget at that, I used some things I already had at home and brought some life to my little space. Now it’s not so bad to be there all day!

At least a couple of times a day, I have people come to my desk so it’s fun for me and it’s fun for them. I get a lot of compliments how about how colorful and cheerful it is!

Let me just show you real quick:

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I added this little bird, and I picked up a cheap picture frame added some fabric I had lying around from the Home Ec days behind the glass and I have an instant marker board. I usually write cute little sayings on this… and when I get a little bored with things or a little antsy for a change… it’s quick and easy!

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Same with this picture, a cheap picture frame that I took the glass out and covered it with chalkboard paint and voila! Another thing, I can quickly and easily change for an update. I usually draw something on here, but I thought a nice little “Welcome to my Cubicle” note would work for now.

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I got a cool vintage vase from my Grandma added some bright cheerful faux flowers, painted this picture above just something bright and colorful to add. I had the little signs at home that say “hope”, “laugh”, “imagine”, “faith”, and then pinned a little note I wrote to remind me that things aren’t that bad, “Dear God, Thanks for this beautiful life, and forgive me if I do not love it enough.”

Here it is all together:

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I keep a lot of bright-colored folders in that little self thing to keep organized.

That’s really about it. I keep thinking I want to add more. What I really want to do, but just haven’t yet is take some of my favorite instagram pictures and string them across one side walls kind of like a banner. One day, I am sure I will get to it.

Do you work in a cubicle? If so, how to you show off your personality and make it more homey? I would love for you to share!