Fashion Icons

When I dress up, I would like to think that my style is a little vintage, a little mod.

I LOVE bright colors, patterns, skirts/tights, etc.

Here are a couple of my favorite style icons.

Zooey Deschannel:




Who are your favorite style icons for inspiration?


Brand New Shoes

Here is good Zooey song to help you finish out the week and get to Friday!

Don’t be too jealous but I don’t have to work tomorrow. That’s right I took the day off! Richard and I are going to Paris. No… not Paris France (wish!) but Paris TX to see my friend Cristi.

Well… have a great day!!

P.S. Obviously, this post isn’t about a brand new pair of shoes I bought, nope. It’s the name of the song. 🙂

Here and There Again

Interesting things I found from around the web this week:

– Starbucks is dropping their secret ingredient: crushed bug juice.

I did love the book, but maybe he should quit making movies. I can see how they are getting boring. I think I still want to watch it myself though, if only to see him – he is really cute!! – See trailer here.

– I want to try this for my hair.

I do enjoy a good ,real life,  love story.

– My goodness… can she be any cooler? She even founded a really cool website!

My friend Daniel has a couple of cool blogs… check him out here and here.

-Want free things for your site? Sign up. (just say I referred you!)

It’s not all that bad – Sometimes Lonely isn’t Sad.

“What’s in my pocket?

You never knew

You didn’t know me well,

So well as I knew you.”

– She and Him

So.. I am on a major She and Him/Zooey kick.

How could you not be with this song:


Then there is this show:

**Side note – how cute is this Nick character:

Jake Johnson (New Girl)

Well.. That is all for today –