Things I Used to Tell Myself…

I used to tell my self lies..

{Lie} I will never like coffee. 
[Truth] I actually love it now!

{Lie} I hate running and working out and I will never like it.              
[Truth] Working out feels great!

{Lie} I will never be kissed by a  boy.(This seriously plagued me all of my teenage years.)
[Truth] That didn’t happen.

{Lie} I will never be able to drive in the city.                                       
[Truth] I have lived in the city a long time now.

{Lie} Skinny jeans are so unflattering on me.
[Truth] My skinny jeans are now my favorite jeans.

{Lie} Chinsese food is yuck!
[Truth] I really love it…

Lie} If I do this or that… (or don’t do this or that) then no will like me.
[Truth] I have plenty of people who love me no matter what I do or don’t do.        

{Lie} When I have felt stuck in the past, I thought things would never change. 
[Truth] Things always change.

Here is another truth… I still tell my self lies. I won’t share those now…. but the point is the lies I tell myself now are different then the lies I used to tell myself. I am more aware of them now and I can catch them and rebuke them, which has stopped a lot of worry/anxiety in my life over really dumb things. 

Rethinking the thought and asking my self if it’s true? Is it really true?? Are you 100% sure that’s the truth? Will usually snap me back to reality in no time. It’s amazing what happens when you just pay attention to your thoughts.

 I watched this last night…and it couldn’t have been more fitting.  Even, with knowing how to stop worrying and negative thoughts it’s hard – but then I read this.  Anyways… I just wanted to share this it was on my heart lately. (Maybe it can be of use to someone else.)