Happy New Year Everyone!


I had an amazing holiday!

I got a nice long break from work and got to spend time with friends and family! We played a lot board games, Settlers of Catan, Walking Dead, and Millionaire Monopoly. It’s Richard and I’s favorite thing to do!

I got a lot of new goodies too for Christmas! A crimper (or more of a waiver – I love the look it gives my hair)  a Kindle fire, and a new Coach purse.(mine is a different color than the one shown, mine is white with different colored C’s.) What did you get for Christmas?

So last year I had this friend who said that he used to define his years by a word like, Hope, or Change etc. I always thought that was  good idea and then I saw this on Casey Weigand’s blog. It only made me confirm that instead of doing New Year Resolution’s, which like I have said before, I don’t do (I like to do goals whenever I feel like I need to.) I should pick a word instead.

This year I am going to pick the word action. follow through, carry out, complete, achieve.. What I mean is to actually do the things that I say I am going to do, or things that I have thought about doing but never do. This will be the year of doing! I am going to go take that test to get another teaching subject under my belt and I am going to actually go get that teaching job instead of just wishing it away. I am going to follow through, on other goals, go to the gym more, get in shape, cook at home more, get out of debt. These are goals that I have already set, (some long ago) but have never completed or finished! So – those of you that know me, I will need your help to finish and stay on task!  Maybe if you see me, ask me how it’s going and what actions I have taken. Help me stay accountable!

  What word would you like to use to define the next year of your life? I would love to know!

Bucket List and Update:

So.. as for the big game this last week… I have to hand to my OSU guys…It was such a bad game for OU… I can’t even go there.

I have a bucket listed saved somewhere but I can’t find it. So I decided to make a new one:

You can see my Pinterest pictures here.

1. Go to Germany.

2. Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle (in Germany)

3. Party in Vegas

4. Experience Christmas in New York

5. Take a roadtrip down Route 66

6. Visit Paris

7. Slow dance in the rain, and kiss in the rain.

8. Have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding.

9. Have kids.

10. Watch my kids get married.

11. Party on a cruise ship – or even just go on a cruise

12. Ice skate in Central Park

13. Get tickets to the Ellen Show

14. Ride in a hot air balloon.

15. Go to Greece

16.See the aura borealis – or northern lights

17. Visit all the major US landmarks

18.Spend New Years Eve in Times Square

19. Macy’s Pararde on Thanksgiving

20. Ride the London Eye.

21. Try and plant a garden

22. Meet a celebrity

23. Learn a new language. (Done! Spanish and French.)

24. Learn to sew  I think majoring in Home Ec took care of these.

25 Learn to cook.

26. Graduate college UCO grad 2009

27. Learn an insturment.

28. Write a book.

29. Have painting in an art show.

30. Live by myself for awhile.  Currently doing this.

31. Change someone’s life

32. Take dance lessons.

33. Go to a Broadway play

34. Go to the Grand Ole’ Opry

35.Go on a big shopping spree

36. Win a BIG prize.

37. Visit the Cistine Chapel

38. See a real painting of Leonardo Divinci and/or Michaelangelo.

39.Overcome a fear.  Currently working on this!

40. Own a great piece of art.